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Because sometimes we only want to escape and sail our paper boat ...


Porque algunas veces sólo queremos escapar y navegar nuestro barco de papel ...

My Winged Protector - Katrina A. Sardis

My Winged Protector is one of those books you don't know anything of that blows you up as soon as you start reading. I have to say, I finished the book in one day and absolutely loved it.
I found Harmony's voice easily relatable and she was an awesomely normal, everyday girl, which made her likeable. In the first pages we see a girl who is sick of her entire life, but she grows a lot through the novel -and I loved that. She may be one of my favorite YA protagonists.
Now, with Gabe... THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I'm pretty sure we all want a Gabe, that hot, protective guy with gold eyes that's always there for you, giving you strenght. I fell in love with him fast and also liked seeing him grow in the book.
TBT, I found myself fangirl-ing a lot with this book. My friends are probably fed up with it and will probably hit me with something if I keep talking about it, but the book is that good. :)

I don't like giving a lot of details of the story because I'm one of those persons who like to start a book with almost no info, but it's a brilliantly-written plot with lots of romance and heart-wrenching moments.
I give it 4.5 stars because they were some gramatical errors and such, but the story had me hooked up from start to finish.


***A free copy of this book was received in exchange of an honest review***